Friday, 7 February 2014

My 365 London Completed!!

This project is now complete. The intention was to capture an image of London everyday for a year, through 2013, when I saw an number that represented that calendar day. I started on New Year's Day, January 1st with the number 1 and finished it on on New Year's Eve, December 31st with 365.

Although the central subject was the same throughout, the setting was usually the common-place, or the vernacular. Each day I posted an image that features a number captured from my everyday life: at home, at work, in the street - wherever I happen to be. Some of the numbers had some significance to me, as I considered beforehand what and where certain numbers might be represented (like the route 134 London bus). Others will be entirely random. Occasionally, I left London on travel or business, but the theme or concept was continued on, wherever I happened to be.

Indeed, the quality varies greatly - some are quite poor - but it has been my hope that the images can be seen as a whole, like a diary.

Nearly all the pictures were originally taken with my iPhone. But all of them have been processed through my phone, via apps like Snapseed and then published through Instagram which were then shared on the Flickr and Twitter networks, as well as maintaining a daily Blogger page.

Above all, this is about spontaneity. I chose a simple theme, which would allow me to go about my day without being hindered by where to point my camera. There were days that did prove to be more of a challenge but I somehow always found something to take and that was part of the fun, in not really knowing how it might turn out. But I hope you enjoy this little window into my world!

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