Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My 365 London

So, I have started this year with a 365 project. Something I have always promised I would do. I do not know how this blog will evolve but the intention of this project is to capture an image of London. In numbers. 1 to 365 to be exact. I started on January 1st 2013 - the ideal time, really.

Inspired by the common-place, or the vernacular, each day I will post an image that features a number captured from my everyday life: at home, at work, in the street. Wherever I happen to be. Some of the numbers will have some significance to me, as I consider pre-emptively what and where certain numbers might be representing (like the 134 bus). Others will be entirely random.

I chose a simple theme, which allows to me to go about my day with being hindered by where to point my camera.

And my camera of choice will be the one that I have on me, most likely my iPhone. But as the days unfold, I may be more adventurous, taking out the 450D for a short walk and, as time permits, seek out more intriging and unusual perspectives of the world around me.

Above all, this is about spontaneity.....

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