Sunday, 25 September 2011

Day two on the market stall: a tough second week

A short post today. I just wanted to reflect on a difficult couple of days for the market stall for my colleague and myself. After the optimism of the festival on the 17th, this week made us really question what we are about, what the stall means to us and how we can effectively make money from it.

For whatever reason, there were unquestionably less people about and that meant less people perusing through our stock. My colleague, Scott Thompson - a former professional photographer for many years - was also at Lauderdale House Art and Craft fair today, in Highgate and he also found it difficult there.

I can't help but feel that people are naturally being more cautious about how and where they spend their money, and mounted, framed pictures would seem to be further down the priority list.

The feeling I get is that I need to push the made-to-order painted canvasses much more. and develop some solid marketing around it. But this is going to take time to cultivate. My website is a start at least.

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